Semi-Auto N95/KN95 Mask Machine

Semi-Auto N95/KN95 Mask Machine
Semi-Auto N95/KN95 Mask Machine

Suitable for all kinds of  Semi-Auto N95/KN95 Mask Machine

This machine is a semi-automatic KN95/N95 mask making machine. Including automatic feeding, cutting, built-in nose bridge, ultrasonic fusion, slicing and other automatic features.It has the characteristics of simple operation, stable operation and flexible production process.


ItemSemi-Auto N95/KN95 Mask Machine
NameSemi-Automatic N95/KN95 Mask Making Machine
Scope of applicationN95 маsk( Built-in bridge of the nose)
DimensionW4800 mm* H 2000 mm* D 1500 mm
HeightHeight from ground to workbench: 850 mm
Capacity40 ~60 pcs/ min
Width of fabric260 mm
Nose lineBuilt-in bridge of the nose
Control wayPLC control( Color touch screen-Independent R&D by Lixian)
Weight1200 KG
Installation wayFixed installation
Machine materialAluminium alloy
Environment requestCleanroom Class 10
Power supplySingle phase, AC 220 V/ 50 Hz/ 3800 W , Flat three-pin plug
Working environmentTemperature 0~40˚C
Humidity 5~38%HR
Not flammable
No powder dust
RemarkOne machine can produce many types of KN95/N95 masks
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