Disposable Mask Making Machine 1+2

Disposable Mask Making Machine 1+2
Disposable Mask Making Machine 1+2

Disposable Mask Machine 1+2

1 mask machine plus 2 ear-loop machine

The face mask machine will finish all the processing from the feeding to nose-clip fixing, edge sealing, cutting the finished products automatically, complete line include 1 set mask making machine and 2 sets automatic ear loop welding machine.Output up to 100-120 pcs/min.


ITEMDisposable Mask Making Machine 1+2
ModelDisposable Mask Making Machine 1+2
Main Function1 Plus 2 Automatic Disposable Medical Face Mask Making Machine
Products TypeDisposable Medical Face Mask
Power220V 1Phase 60Hz (can be customized)
Capacity80,000Pcs/Day (20 Hours)
Product Passing Rate99%-100%
Machine Size(L×W×H):6000X4100X2000MM
Machine Weight2000KG
Air Consumption0.6-0.8 Mpa
Power13KW (17.4HP)
Production Environment DemandTemperature 10-35℃,humidity 35-65% HR, No flammability, No corrosive gas, No dust (Cleanliness no less than 100000 grade)
Ultrasonic20KHZ,2KW Power,Long Type,AC220V
-2 Sets(Main Machine)
20KHz,2KwPower,Intermittent Type,AC220V
-2Sets(Ear Line Welding)
Welding IntensityNose Line Length not less than 8cm,The breaking strength of each mask belt and the joint shall not be less than 10N
Brand Of Main PartsInovance or Mitsubishi PLC,Omron, Schneider,WeinView, Siemens
Feeding TraySuitable For 6 plates with 600MM Diameter
(Or 4 Plates with 1000MM Diameter)
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