95L BFE 90-95-99% Melt blown nonwoven fabric

95L BFE 90-95-99 Melt blown nonwoven fabric production lines
100% Polypropylene Melt Blown Nonwoven Fabric for Face Mask

Product Specifications:

  • Item name: Melt blown fabric
  • Basic weight: 40±5 GSM
  • Color: white
  • Temperature:30 
  • Humidness < 55%
  • Rate of flow: 95 L/min
  • Particle Filtration Efficiency: 80% to 99%
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency: 82% to 99.9%
  • Filtration Resistance Pa: ≤ 100Pa
  • Product Type: Healthcare Respirator
Meltblown workshop for Shipping…

95L BFE 90-95-99% Melt blown nonwoven fabric for Masks

100% Polypropylene
BFE/PFE: 95~99%
Size:175/260 ×25/30/40GSM
PP Melt Blown Fabric
Electrostatic Charged

Product Applications:
*Electronics Industry
*Health Care and Pharmaceutical Industry
*Surgical Medical In Hospital

Product Features:

*100% Polypropylene *Thin and Soft *>KN95 Standard *Electrostatic Charged

95L BFE 90-95-99 Melt blown Testing equipment
BFE 90-95-99 Melt blown Testing equipment

Strict quality control

Our engineer will test the PFE and BFE for all the melt blown fabric and a testing reports will be attached in each roll.

Packaging & Shipping:

PE Bag or PE Film or Customized according to customers’ requirements Double PE bag or PE bag with woven bag

width: 175mm, 25gsm/m2, 228 meter per KG, 5 ±1 KG per roll, 914 to 1372 meter per roll, 3 rolls per carton.

Carton size:

Big carton box:

 3 rolls per carton,  57CM(Length)*57CM(width)*58.5CM(Height),

small carton box:

1 rolls per carton: 57CM(Length)*57CM(width)*19.5CM(Height)

Meltblown for shipment

40 high ft container can load 320 big carton box(960 rolls) plus 80 small carton box(80 rolls), total is 1040 rolls(5.2 tons)

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